davida van der merwe optometristA yearly visit to the optometrist is recommended, even if you already have spectacles or contact lenses.We provide professional service in a calm, relaxed atmosphere. We like to spend time with each patient to help them see and look their best.

It is crucial for children to have regular eye examinations. 80% of what we learn is through the eyes, and it is hard for anyone to explain to a child how they should be seeing, any eye or vision problem can really only be detected with an eye examination.

As an extended service, Davida van der Merwe Optometrist hosts a clinic to provide various services to less privileged members of the community and also provide a free eye test for driver license candidates. All of this in an effort to help more people improve their lives.
We believe that prevention is better than cure, and that early detection is key to successful treatment of any eye diseases.

  • Refraction for all ages, including the latest technology in Wavefront refractive and corneal assessment, and Zeiss i.Scription lenses.
  • Ocular Pathology Assessment E.g. Glaucoma Assessment and Diabetic Retinopathy Screening.
  • Computerized Corneal Assessments for, Refractive Surgery Evaluation and Aftercare.
  • Contact Lens Fitting of conventional rigid gas permeable, hybrid and soft lenses, as well as Disposable Lenses.
  • On-Site Glazing Laboratory to cut and fit most lenses, and we can do minor repairs on spectacles.
  • Industrial and Corporate Vision Assessments and prescription safety spectacles.
  • Low Vision Assessment. We have a number of low vision devices (ie: magnifiers) on site.
  • Sport and Exclusive Sunglasses e.g. Adidas, Serengeti, Oakley. Prescription Oakley, Adidas sunglasses.